Saturday, April 27, 2013


I love it when I see a piece of advertising that so clearly hits the nail on the head for me. Most recently, this has been the Luv's diapers "Second Time Mom" campaign. If you haven't seen the commercial here it is:

I have been having my own handful of second time mom moments that make me equal parts proud and cringe at the same time.

Most recently, I had a quick visit to the doctor that I brought Bea with for. She was a little fussy and had intermittent crying/fussing. The nurse offered to take her so I could get undressed and have my appointment.

I politely declined and said we should be fine.

While this conversation was going on, she was taking my blood pressure. By the time that activity was over, and she offered a second time to take Bea, I briefly paused.

And then I said, yup. Go ahead and take her. Baby was dry, and fed.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little anxious by the time my appointment finally starting. Mostly feeling very guilty that these nurses now had an additional job on top of the job they were trying to do.

And then a little of me thought...holy hell. Here I am in the doctor's office having a very rare child-free moment.

And then I had a small moment with myself about how so much has changed and is different because it would have been a cold day in hell the day I turned Tillie over to a nurse. Not because I didn't trust them but because of my mom guilt, fear of her melting down, and embarrassment over my inability to get her to calm down.

But, Bea? Send her out. And she did great.

Go me and my second time mom-ness.


Anonymous said...

You Go G Mama! The joys of motherhood, and you are doing a terrific job, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Football season is coming. Soon you will be passing the kids off more than a top ranked quarterback.
Uncle Todd

KandE said...

Those nurses LOVED to hold Bea - they'd rather snuggle her than go back to their work any day, even if she was screaming!