Saturday, April 20, 2013

38 Minutes

38 Minutes.
That is approximately the amount of time I have each night between the last child going to bed and me putting myself to bed.

If I learned anything from the first time around it is that sleep is precious and you need to get it while you can, so I do not dawdle to bed ANY night these days. In fact, I am dangerously close to my bedtime right this very second.

But the prioritization of sleep and an early 'go down' for myself puts a lot of pressure on these 38 minutes. This is what typically happens:

1) Clean the kitchen
2) Turn on TV (more for background noise, less entertainment these days given the time restrictions)
3) Feel brain turning to mush
4) Consider blogging, paying bills, checking something off of to-do list
5) Ignore #4 and go to bed

But tonight, I blog. And I am taking the cheap way out. By posting some pictures of Baby Beatrice. And hoping you will all forgive me as I now go to bed. :)

to commemorate the fact that there was a snowstorm on her two-week APRIL!


Marna said...

Thank you for the pictures;)

Anonymous said...

Bea sure is a wide eyed little gal...See ya Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Bea is really filling out. The bath tub photo looks a lot like one of Til. See you soon, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Work the conversion and do metric get more.
Uncle Todd