Friday, April 5, 2013

Adventures as a Family of Four

Last Saturday, we decided to attempt to make our first trip out of the house with both girls (man, that sounds so weird) and just do a quick walk/play session at a park in our neighborhood. We loaded both of them up, and headed on our way. Matilda decided at the last minute that she wanted her owl hat since Bea was wearing an owl hat. And so it begins....

Here we are before leaving...
This adventure promptly ended about 3 minutes after it started. We literally got to the end of our block (PS--we live basically at the end of our block) and Bea started freaking out.

My pulse started racing, and I broke into a sweat. This is it. Totally when colic sets in. But in reality, she was hungry. She is kind of a Bea and I turned around, and Nate and Tillie continued on to the park to play and have fun. It was a sad moment for me as I saw our potential to have fun as the four of us dwindle (at least in the short term)...

So on Sunday, when Tillie was melting down due to a less that appropriate nap length, Nate and I both needed to get out of the house. So of course we do what any sane, rational, just-had-a-baby-five-days-ago family would do.

We headed to the Mall of America. And we walked into the amusement park. We had done this before with Matilda showing very little interest in the rides.

But as I sat on a bench to take a break, Matilda locked eyes with the carousel. And the rest is history. It was non-stop: Horsie! Please! Come! We both had a weak moment in parenting--it was EASTER. We didn't do anything special. Matilda is adjusting to a new sister. This is something special for her.


And it was special for her. Every single time she rode that damn thing. And that proceeded onto other rides (because Nate couldn't get single tickets and had to buy $20 worth and you better believe I wasn't letting that money go to waste.)

We moved from the carousel, to the Dora Bus and then to the Blues Clues puppies. With each ride Madtilda got more excited. But what I LOVE is her 'look' of excitement. Complete dead-pan seriousness. Like you weren't sure if she was going to bust into tears out of fear or wanted off.

But I am here to tell you she did NOT want off. In fact, when the ride would come to an end she would immediately start bawling and say 'MORE".

And she still talks about it every morning.

And so we had our first successful outing as the four of us.

Bea was very compliant to Tillie's desire to ride many rides.....and hopefully will continue to be as Nate and I are dreaming up all sorts of fun we will have in the future.


meghan said...

Tillie's face on the carousel is priceless. price.less. love that kid.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tillie is a wild and crazy gal!!!!


Anonymous said...

All the trips, activities and outings may not go just as planned but you will make it work. It may take a little more work but well worth it to have TWO wonderful girls to share it with and enjoy! Mom

Anonymous said...

Way to adapt and overcome. I remember mom giving me a box and a steak knife - yes steak knife. Kept me busy for hours.
Uncle Todd