Friday, April 12, 2013

Big Sister Tillie

The most popular question I have been asked the last two weeks is: How is Matilda doing with Bea?

And truthfully, she has far exceeded my expectations.
In the hospital, she was more intrigued by the gifts, gadgets and Grandma and Grandpa then she was with Beatrice.

The second day, her curiousity was peaked, and there were some 'pokes' given. Pokes in the mouth. The nose. The eyes. (sorry, Bea).

And then, once we were home Matilda took to 'rocking' Beatrice in our Baby Taco.
It gets to be a wild ride every once in a while.
We are still working on gentle.
And Matilda doesn't seem to care when we say: "Why don't we just let Bea sleep"

But, the most endearing thing that has happened in the past few days is that Matilda has given Bea the ultimate seal of approval.....

Yes. Bea's ears are good enough to Matilda. There aren't many people's ears that fit this bill, so it really is an honor. One I am hoping Bea will understand, and not have it spiral into a weird complex where Bea needs someone to rub her ear to calm her down when she is 27.

Matilda comes running when Bea wakes up in the morning.
She likes to 'direct' (i.e. boss) where she thinks Beatrice should go...pointing the various baby device she wants her set in next.
And when she cries, Matilda points to the chair I typically nurse in, and says "Bea eat".

While it has exceeded expectations it hasn't been without a few hiccups. I am bearing the brunt of the jealousy since I have to spend the most time dedicated to Beatrice--given I am her sole food source of the moment. So Nate and Tillie get lots of special moments, and Tillie makes sure that I know that she is not happy to be missing out on her Mama time.


Anonymous said...

Great px's of the girls!!!!I'm guessing one of Bea's ears is going to be 4inches longer than the other...


Rachel Rosen said...

so sweet! congrats again Greta!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Hanson parents, divide and conquer when you can. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tillie is doing a good job.
Uncle Todd