Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not Your Average Easter

This year, Easter for us did not include any of the typical adornments. There was no big family get together. No Easter Eggs hidden (on Easter morning). No Church service. No fancy Easter dresses. It felt a little odd. We did manage to hide an Easter basket for Matilda to find, thanks to some good pre-delivery prep.

I do feel like a gigantic hypocrite since I am literally the candy queen, and cannot eat enough candy in a day...but Tillie's basket featured no candy. Let's be honest, I would have just eaten it all anyway. She was the biggest fan of her new bunny sippy cup.

Growing up I was always used to getting together for a big extended family day of fun, and I think Nate and I are realizing that this is just not going to be the way it will be for our kids and the sizes of families, distances, etc.

But we did have some of our 'Minneapolis family' over for a playdate. Matilda and Eila are old friends from the GMI Red Room, and if you doubt that a less than 2 year old can have preferences for people and friends, let this video prove you wrong.

Matilda ADORES Eila. We can't even say her name in our house. We have to say 'Lady E' if we want to talk about her at all. And we adore Lady E's parents so it is a win win all around. Kids get to play. Adults get to play. The girls had SO much fun reading and playing ring around the rosy. More videos of cuteness below...

All of the excitment from the morning must have gotten to Matilda because she only took an hour nap, and by 4PM we knew we needed to get out of the house and get out of the house fast. So like all sane people who gave birth 5 days prior, we decided to go to Mall of America.
 But more on that in the next post.

We came home to a gigantic bag of Easter dinner food from my friend Summer, which literally brought a tear to Nate's eye because he couldn't imagine not having ham and that bag of food definitely had ham in it.
And so, even though we didn't do any of the 'traditions' that either of us were really used to or envisioning, the day was filled with laughter, fun and we definitely created some great memories.

Since this was our first weekend at home with Matilda and Beatrice, we made sure that Matilda got some special one on one time....which I am not sure who enjoyed more. Us or her.


Anonymous said...

Know why the easter bunny hides his eggs??? He doesn't want anyone to know he is having sex with a chicken.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Aila and Till will be buds forever I think!!!


Anonymous said...

Girlfriends are the Best! Love, Mom