Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toddler Troubles

We had our first true 'incident' in the Hanson household this weekend.

I learned two things:
1) Daughters are put on earth to prove their mother's wrong.
2) My superstitious beliefs are totally rooted in the fact that whatever I say is immediately proven wrong (see #1).

My mom is up visiting for a fun weekend, (before she whisks Tillie back to Vernon County for a Granny Nanny 911 call due to a super crazy week for Nate and I). She and I are sitting the living room, watching Matilda toddle around.

Matilda walks into her room.

I say: "We never worry when Tillie goes into her room because there is nothing in there that she can hurt herself on."

2 seconds later (and I am NOT exaggerating) we hear a huge crash, shattering glass and a SHRIEKING Matilda. Run to the bedroom, where she is standing in the middle of a glass lamp Armageddon.

Apparently, she found the cord to the lamp on top of her bookshelf, and decided to give it a good tug. Which sent it crashing down on her. Terrible.  I know we are entering in the stage where stuff like this happens. But seriously?? Did it have to happen a mere second after making this statement.

My Mom told me a very helpful quote: Mom's know never to brag because they moment they do things change. It keeps us humble.

Or in my case, it feeds my superstitions.


Anonymous said...

No blood no foul. Just a good story of a near miss. And yes just when you start bragging my kid is the angel not into trouble etc, fate will send her home asking you how you feel about being a triplets...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

And today she ate a little Vernon Co. dirt and had a rock in her mouth! Our toddler has arrived.
She is SO much fun! Grandma

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many pounds of dirt I ate growing up eating lunch out in the fields harvesting hay and especially tobacco. I would drop my food and get told by mom, just blow the dust off. Whats left is seasoning like salt, that is why it is crunchy.
Uncle Todd