Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Million Dollar Question

Okay party planners, event schedulers, and amenities aiming to please parents:

Why, do you not open at 8AM on the weekends?

Don't you know our children are up, already sick of their toys and fed by this time? And we, the poor and huddled masses of parents wanting to get out of the house are looking for ANYTHING to do besides mall walk?

Sure, sure. We could run our Target run at 8AM, go to a park or get groceries at the 24 hour grocery store. But those things only last so long. and as your kid gets older, the thought of taking them to Target or grocery shopping gets less appealing. And if I am going to go to the park, I would rather go when it is 60 degrees than 41 degrees at 8AM.

There are so many fun family focused events going on in the Twin Cities, but I WEEP when I see their times: 1-4, 11-2, and so on. Don't these people know that is prime napping time for the kids they are targeting?? How about an 8-12 event?

I would be there when the doors open, and shut that thing down. Consider me your best supporter.
But a 1-4 get the harried Hanson's--whose child will have inevitably decided to sleep until 3 because you had something fun planned, and then we rush out of the house, get to the event in time to enjoy the last 20 minutes, only to realize we forgot to pack a snack/diaper/fill in the blank.

Don't even get me started on's even worse.

For now, you will find us playing at Highland Park in Bloomington, running around at the Farmers Market, and trolling the internet for those gem of spots that serve breakfast at actual breakfast time.

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KTufford said...

hahahaha! Truer words were never spoken! I don't need to write a blog because you already write it for me!