Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Girl Who Puts Herself to Bed ***for right now***

I continue to be very superstitious about comments made surrounding anything with Matilda. Like: she is a good eater, she is a good sleeper, she has been sleeping so late, etc.

For whatever reason, I believe that the mere utterance of those words will immediately cause the opposite of whatever was said to happen. Don't believe me? A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a string of mornings in a row where Matilda woke up at 7AM--as opposed to her 6AM ish wake-up. Nate says: "I don't know, I kind of prefer the early wake-up because then it is a slower wake-up for us."

Fast forward to the next morning (and every morning following), Matilda wakes up at 6:15 again.

So, it is with that caveat that I tell you how cute it is that Matilda right now, as in at least for today, is essentially putting herself to bed. When we can tell she is tired, we say: do you want to go night night?

She will walk into her room with us, and point at the crib... (at this point in time)

In she goes..(for now)

And viola! She is asleep. (at least that is what happened today)

No, this series of photos doesn't truly represent this cycle. These were taken after a great nap. BUT that is mostly because we fear the child and do NOT go into that room unless needed. If the baby is sleeping, the baby sleeps. We don't need to stare longingly at her while she does it.

But picture a sleeping baby--because I can only assume she is sleeping in there and not just sitting quietly.


Anonymous said...

You can get techy get a camera with an IP address then you can watch her on the internet from any computer without the fear of distruption.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Does she point to the fridge when it is cocktail hour????