Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get to Work!

We capitalized on the great weather Saturday and got out side to rake up the millions of leaves that were in our backyard. Matilda is quite fond of being outside, and we are happy to spend any time we can out there before the weather turns ugly.

I was sad to learn that the rake was maybe just a little too heavy for her this year. 
Maybe next year....

As we go through parenthood, I feel like so many fellow parents talk about being able to see through the long days to really enjoy short weeks. And I am trying so hard to capture this past week in my memory, to bolster myself for rough days or nights that may be ahead, because this week might be the single best week of parenthood so far.

Smiles, snuggles, hugs, independent playing, more words, giggles that last for longer than you think is safe.

Tillie is really working on lots more words, and sounds. 
Duck, Ball, Block, Pumpkin (which sounds nothing like pumpkin when she says it).
On Tuesday she put two words together for the first time:
"Bye bye, Dada"

This weekend she was busy cutting a molar--to the point that there was blood all over one of the little containers she was biting on. She woke up early from her nap, snuggled in with me and slept for another hour in my lap.

Typically a major 'doesn't happen' in our house.
But such an amazing moment for me.

Nate gets the most giggles out of Matilda. He created a leaf train which included Matilda as he was schlepping leaves from the year to the garden. I am pretty sure she could have done that all day long.

Other big things in the past few weeks that I want to make sure I capture so when I look back on this some day I will remember that she was indeed once this little, innocent, and precious:

- Starting to have to watch the garbage as Tillie is turning into quite the helper. Picking up anything she perceives as trash and walking it to the garbage.

- Open and closing the doors. Incessantly.

-Saying "Up. Down" and raising her arms up and bringing them down.

- Taking to walking like she has sitting and crawling. A late 'starter' but full on walking with very little 'toddling', falling, etc. Matilda is an observer, cautious in her approach, but sure of herself before she starts. Not a bad thing at all. I hope she is this cautious when it comes to picking guys to date too... :)

- When she is hungry, one item just will not do. She wants BOTH hands to have a piece of cheese, have a cracker, or otherwise.

--Finally, I was in Madison for Recruiting with work. And, when I came home, Matilda gave me the biggest, longest hug she has ever given me. It was one of the best moments of being a working mother to date.


Anonymous said...

Great Post Gert!!! I want a 4x6picture of Til with the leaves falling around her..2 of them. One for the office and one for the Wall...


Anonymous said...

What a terrific recap! Nice fall weather and toddlers. 2 great wonders. Til definately loves being outside. It is a bonus when you can make work fun. Miss you all Already! Mom