Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Nate and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary this past weekend. It was a much different type of celebration that years prior as I had to be in Madison for a work event, and we headed out after for a low-key afternoon at the Badger game and then scooted back to Viroqua to scoop up Matilda after a week without her.

We have been so fortunate the past five years to travel with each other, and experience life outside of the walls of our home and Minneapolis.

We went to Maui for our Honeymoon.

San Diego for our 1 Year annivesary.

Terranea Resort in CA for the 2nd...

San Francisco and Lake Tahoe for our 3rd (Matilda was technically also on this trip)

Kauai for our 4th...

And a true sign of how life has change--Madison, WI for our 5th with no pictures to speak of. And while I think we are both itching to get away from work and the drone of daily life with a vacation the best part of Nate + Greta is that we love spending any time together. 

Whether it is a run to Costco (remember when we hated that place), watching TV in our pajamas, or driving in the car. Trips and vacations are fun and create great memories, but what creates a great Greta + Nate is the little stuff. The stuff that gives us what 'outsiders' would consider a secret language filled with inside jokes and quotes we have stolen from TV shows that most people probably don't watch.

And that is what makes me so excited for the next 5, 10, 15, 20 and beyond years.
Well that and completely mortifying our children with what dorks we most certainly are.


Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Anniversary you 2! You make a great pair, great team and make fun out of anything. I look forward to many good memories for you and with you. Love, Mom

H.Maxwell said...

You guys are #crushingit. This is a New Girl reference. :)

Lot 10 Linden Grove said...

Cannot believe you ever hated Costco. Now that that's squared away, Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple! Many years of happiness ahead!!!

Amy J said...

Great post. Sweetness, pure sweetness. Tearing up over here.

Anonymous said...

Congrats kids. Keep the stone a rollin.
Uncle Todd