Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Toy

It seems like one of the milestones of becoming a parent is the upgrade to a nicer camera. And so as many parents before us have, Nate and I plunged into a DSLR camera and have been enjoying trying it out. Admittedly, Nate has way more patience than I do to actually figure out how to use it.

I think I have asked him what 'aperture' and 'shutter' do approximately 457 times.

My assumption is that if I put it on 'auto' it will take a good picture, and so far so good. What better way to practice than this weekend when two of my favorite 'subjects' were around to try the new toy out on!

I could just eat both of these two little guys up. AGH! Could they get any cuter? I know I am biased, but I also think it's true.

Now, I just need to figure out how to edit. Again, Nate appears to be the better candidate for the editing process with his patience of steel......


iuli said...
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iuli said...

nice photos Greta! Looks like you are working with the DSLR no problem! What did you go with - Canon?

Anonymous said...

Hey Greta! Try the website Picnik for editing thats what I've been using its really easy but has a lot of different options to edit pictures.


Anonymous said...

Just remember to put film in the camera which is why there are not some cool pictures of your sister at her first Christmas.
Uncle Todd