Friday, May 6, 2011

Magazine Cuisine: Episode 8

More like "Episode FAIL".

Yes. We had a huge stinker. Or I should say I had a huge stinker. Tuscan Lemon Muffin brought to me courtesy of the May 2011 edition of Cooking Light.

Normally, Cooking Light is fail-safe. Always delivers tasty recipes that are relatively easy to make. But not this time. Try not to get distracted by the other delicious looking food on the plate..and focus on the blob-o-muffin.

First problem (not my fault): this wasn't even remotely sweet enough, nor was it 'lemony' enough. For a muffin called "Tuscan Lemon" one would think it would be a rich lemon flavor. Not so.

Second problem (apparently my fault according to Nate): The muffin was not light and fluffy, but dense and chewy. But i swear I BARELY mixed it.

All I am saying is that when I throw a Betty Crocker muffin mix in a bowl and mix it, it comes out delicious every. single. time. Fluffy. Sweet. And it doesn't take 30 minutes to prep.

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