Sunday, May 15, 2011

More May Showers!

No I am not talking about the abysmal weather we have been having. Quite the opposite actually.

Yesterday, amid and in the face of the ridiculous weather we are having, my friends threw me such a kind, thoughtful, brilliantly creative and fun shower. I think by now, for any of the 'since-the-beginning-followers' of this blog, you probably want to fast forwar through the gushing and loving on my friends. But truly, what I don't think people can understand until you meet my friends is how awesome they really are.

Baby H was celebrated in style, and there were so many touches that were incredible thoughtful. From the artwork wall (of which Summer literally took down artwork by her own children to make way for Baby H's message):

to a recipe book for Nate and I so that we can keep cooking together once Baby H arrives:

to an absolutely perfect for THIS Mom-to-be sweet station--complete with, I kid you not, cookies wtih cotton candy flavored frosting on them. They were To. Die. For.

And Nate was REALLY happy with the party favors---melt-in-your-mouth delcious sugar cookies. Complete of course with stickers that matched the invites...(they really did outdo themselves..)

I will admit opening gifts in front of people is one of the most nerve-wracking things to do. For some reason I just get so nervous, but looking out (after the gift opening) was over and seeing a room full of quite-amazing women that I am so lucky to have in my life, I felt a little more at easy knowing that no matter what happens once this child arrives, I have this incredible "2nd Family" who will be there to give me advice, tell me when I'm being crazy, and help me stay me.

Words cannot express the thanks that I feel for having all of these ladies in my life, but especially these lovely ladies who made this shower possible.


Anonymous said...

Super Party, Super Friends, Super Mom....great gifts, great food, and great to be there! See you soon, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Meaning YOU - as the Super Mom to Be! You sure have alot of great resources for new mom questions. Love, Mom again

Amy J said...

Whoa those gals are somethin else! U deserve it all! I can't believe he/she is gonna be here soooo soon! It's all happening!!!!

Anonymous said...

You hit it on the head Gert!!! Good friends are great indeed!!!
see ya Friday!

Becca said...

I am so happy that you have these wonderful people in your life.
I love the last photo.
So excited to see you this weekend for ANOTHER shower.
Love you.