Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Smackdown

It was a super smackdown in the Metrodome today as the Packers handed the Vikings another pathetic loss.

Nate and I still had the sad disappointment of last years loss at the Dome with us as we entered the building and we decided to try to keep an even lower profile this year since Vikings fans have a tendency to be complete A-Holes when they are winning--so we could only imagine what it would be like given their dismal record this year.

And clearly this assumption was a fact, because all over the dome were these signs:
These were also accompanied by fancy slogans like "We are Vikings, Not Barbarians...". Now admittedly I haven't been to a single other NFL stadium, but for some reason I feel like the Vikings probably have to deal with poor behavior the most.

And I say this from experience. The fans suck. Last year when they were winning, they couldn't even win with grace. Swearing, and shouting and doing all sorts of rude things to the Packer fans. This year, a whole new list of unsportsmanship-like behavior cropped up:
  • Automatically saying things like: "Well at least we aren't the Bears..." Really Vikings? Because I am pretty sure the Bears are winning our divison right now so....good logic.
  • Starting a stadium--wide chant: Fire Childress. I know nothing about coaching, so I guess i have no comment. Except to say that tearing a team apart with drama cannot be good for gametime.
  • Oodles of fans screaming that "Favre is pathetic," "Bench Favre"....and so on and so forth. Now, I admit last year when Favre cheated on us with the Vikings I was pissed. And I am not his #1 fan now. But was really gets me is that LAST YEAR the Vikings Fans were r-u-b-b-i-n-g it in our faces that they had Favre and we didn't. And now, after ONE year, they are booing him--offering to PAY us to take him back? Nice Vikings. Nice. At least it took Favre GOING TO THE RIVAL, and doing some inappropriate things with his smart phone to get the Packers fans to dislike him. Not a rough patch of some bad games.

Anyway, we pulled off a W, and Nate and I were very happy campers, and we waved to all of the Vikings fans who left the game in the 3rd quarter. Fair. Weather. Fans.

And we left the game with all bodily parts in tact. No beer on our heads. No ridicule or swearing. Of course, that is probably because all of the Vikings Fans had already cleared out...........


Anonymous said...

glad to see you made it to the game!! It was a very entertaining game!!


Nate Hanson said...

and in recent developments... the vikings fan's chants seem to actually work...