Thursday, November 11, 2010

Listmania: The Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Yes, it is that time of year again. To turn up the holly jollies, and turn off the hip hop blaring from my stereo. Quite the range of music, I know.But there is just something about Christmas music that makes me happy and feel all warm and cozy. And yes, there are approximately 1 million renditions of I'll Be Home For Christmas and Silent Night, but here are a few of the favorites in the Hanson Household.

1) All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey. Perhaps one of the best Christmas albums of all time. I couldn't NOT start with this song as this was my opening song of choice for this holiday season. It just doesn't get better than this. Upbeat, fun, incredibly hard to actually sing but in your head when you are jamming out to it in your car--you are killing it.

2) White Christmas by The Drifters. Two words. Home . Alone. All I want to do when I hear this song is grab my hairbrush and lip synch in the mirror.

3) Sleigh Ride--any rendition. The reason any rendition will do is because all I think about when I hear this song is some middle school band concert somewhere, anywhere really. The kid that gets to make the big clapping noise has the most important solo, followed closley by the trumpet player who gets to fake the horse whinney....good stuff.

4) It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams. After seeing Mr. Williams in person in his Branson palace, how could a person leave him off of a list as important as this. He is Father Christmas after all.

5) Silent Night--by Candlelight.  There is nothing better than the night Christmas Eve service at church, when they dim the lights, pass out the candles and we sing ALL verses of Silent Night. It is the epitome of the holiday caroling season.

Yes, I am sure there are (and my iPod says approximately 427) more awesome Christmas songs to consider. So, what did I miss on this list? Anyone have any must add's to the above?


Debra Fiterman said...

Any version of Carol of the Bells. I have a CD of nothing but this song by every artist. And I love I'm the first to comment on this and I'm Jewish. Bring on the carols...

Anonymous said...

I tink you need to include da tirty point buck song...or anything by da Yupers.
Uncle Todd...out east traumatizing the Pennsylvania dutch...

meghan said...

oh come on, where is I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas? it's one of the only songs i listen to

Anonymous said...

No Amy Grant? Please include "A Christmas to Remember". I am impressed with the amount of Christmas songs you have... I am only at 209. Turning it on today!


Stephanie Neprud said...

As sappy as it is, one of my favorites is Let it Be Christmas by Alan Jackson. Just something about the lyrics that gets me. LOVE.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have to agree on the Mariah Album and I also smile when I hear the 12 days of Christmas by the Muppets and Have yourself a merry little Christmas by Kermit. Reminds me of the old 78 album you girls loved when you were little. I also am a sap for I'll be Home for Christmas.
Love, Mom

H.Maxwell said...

What about my all-time favorite "This Christmas" by the Temptations???? CLASSIC.

I do agree with MC being 1st place. I LOVE THAT SONG. I don't even stop it when it comes up on my ipod mix in the summer. :)

Emily said...

I started listening to Christmas songs today as I finally agree that it's close enough to get in the spirit. I will now tell you some of my seasonal faves:

Baby, It's Cold Outside- ELF soundtrack
Angels We Have Heard on High- Xtina Ag
Mistletoe- Colbie Caillat
Christmas Day- Dido
O Holy Night- N'Sync
Winter Song- Sarah Barielles & Ingrid Michaelson
And a New 2009 Favorite is:
Christmas Tree- Lady Gaga

If you don't got um...GET UM!

Love Emily