Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shut Up, Foodies!

It always makes my day when I come across another very amusing website to keep a smile on my face in moments of--well, not smiles.

Like F U, Penguin (although sadly, no new blog posts FOREVER). Nate and I still will randomly read those posts out loud and crack ourselves up for hours. I know...crazy fund times in the Hanson house.

Well today, I came aross this website: Shut Up, Foodies!. While it doesn't quite the wit and humor that FU Penguin does yet, it is pretty hilarious because...well it is a little like laughing at ourselves (although on the spectrum of wannabe foodie and actual foodie Nate and I are more on the wannabe end)...and it's so true.

Read their "about us" in the upper right corner...seriously who does care about ramps? What are they anyway and how did the human race come about eating them?

Anyway, enjoy the new site!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have been masticating the fat about what a ramp is in reference to food. I know about on/off ramps. Jump ramps etc. What is a food related ramp? Is this something you hunt? If so I bet Reid has shot a ramps face off like a turkey.
Uncle Todd