Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Worthy

As a person who looks forward to perusing my blog scroll every day, I felt it was my duty to alert all other bloggy friends of a new blog that just hit the presses: Sina's Cupboard.

Check it out here:

Sina is my neighbor and friend and is also a pretty fabulous dietician. She single handedly showed me the way to eat kale (ugh...seriously who eats this) in a way where I now actually crave the stuff and could eat it every night. Sure she has the legit credentials, but take the 'makes kale delicious' credential as the ultimate reason to check out her blog.

We have enjoyed swapping Cooking Light recipes and vegetables over the literal and figurative neighborly fence.

So check it out, follow it, and eat healthy the tasty way (really the only way to do it in my opinion)!


Anonymous said...

So who is Wilson? And how does one eat Kale? I bet Mrs Yarbrough knows...:)
Uncle Todd

Becca said...

YAY! And now I got the recipe for Kale Chips...can't wait to follow her blog.