Sunday, September 21, 2014

One of a Kind

It was a very sad day today we we said good-bye to the Teskey Family. Sina and Ryan moved next door to us about 5 years ago and as Sina and I both say: "instantly knew we wanted to be each others friends."

As luck would have it, and as the now long-running joke goes, Sina is to my Nate as I am to her Ryan. More often than not when we would be talking/venting/laughing about something ridiculous in our lives, we would find ourselves saying that we would have totally responded like the other spouse.

Perhaps that is why it always seemed so easy, and natural and as if we had been friends forever. We both found our friend equivalent of our spouse. But with all the benefits that a really good girlfriend brings with it, that sometimes a husband just doesn't get (like when you just need a good cry, or the total understanding that our kids help distract each other).

We bonded over Packers and brats, gardening, books, cooking, kids and everything in between.

5 years and 4 kids later (each almost too perfectly spaced 11 months apart), the Teskey's are WI bound for an amazing opportunity for their family. I am so excited for them and all it will bring. Of course I am jealous at their proximity of the Badgers and Packers, but all the more reason to get together.

But oh, how I am going to miss them. Sina was my 'cup of sugar', my 'wanna walk to get the kids?', my 'its last minute but want to go for a walk at 8PM because i had a super shitty day'. The Teskey's embedded themselves into our lives like famiy. Easy. Simple. Comfortable.

The void will never be totally filled, and it will be felt by all (including Bea who already loves trying to keep up with Elena!). I have already started my countdown for the return that was promised (what 5-8 years from now? :)) and know we will easiy pick up right where we left off.

Now, to start scouting for two perfect lots to build right next to each other.....


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Teskey's!!!! Great people, I know you guys are going to miss them


Nancy E. said...

Great true friends are a treasure for life - whether they live next door or 5 hrs. away! Wishing the Teskey's the best and hopefully we will see them when back for a visit. Now you can vacation in Milw. Teskey's and Joyce' fun!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Soon the interwebs will have 3D capabilities and distance will no longer be an issue....just avoid the inter-galactic worm holes...
Uncle Todd

Sina Teskey, RD, LD said...

You made me cry. I know the cup of sugar(which by the way I think I utilized way mor than you)may be a little delayed but I'll happily run to those office to mail it to you . Yes, keep an eye out for a lot. Maybe your north neighbors will be ready to move :). We miss you guys already, I hear about Tillie and Bea from Elena and she says "i see at Christmas in 'sota"