Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Simple Joys of Grass

We were without a yard, or any sort of landscaping this summer as we waiting patiently (ok, at times not so patiently) for our landscaping to go in.

It is officially in, and we could not be happier. First, it is truly the completion of the new home project. Second, it was a straight up dust bowl all summer long, combined with the constant battle of Beatrice shoving fistfuls of dirt in her mouth anytime you let her outside.


The joys of being able to run and roll and sit and play in our backyard had yet to be realized. And now that they are here, they are oh so joyous. We got a couple of good nights of playing in before the cold is supposed to come. We look forward to sledding, and building snowmen and snow angels in the coming months. Because lets face it we will see more months with white stuff than this beautiful brand new lawn.

(seriously, this lawn. i took my shoes off and just walked around on it forever. Velvety. Yum)


Anonymous said...

instant lawn....nice! snow tonight for you kids I hear...
uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

Looked fun. Hopefully you will still have a few warm days to enjoy it. Love, Mom