Monday, September 15, 2014

Case of the Mondays

After a weekend that was equal parts fun, and equal parts draining as Bea was just not herself, At all, in any way---I shouldn't have been surprised that as I pulled into the General Mills parking lot, got out my phone from the trunk to see that I already had a call from Bea's daycare room.

8:28AM on a Monday. Literally did not even make it into the building.
"she has spots on her hands?"
"Hand foot and mouth is going around?"
"Yes, I will come right back and get her."

Back into the car, through rush-hour traffic, to daycare, to the doctor we go.

And it was in this moment that I was reminded of another reason why I should never be excited to see summer slip away---it brings cold, flu and apparently Hand Foot and Mouth season.

And after enduring a solid 90 minutes of crying from Bea, combined with chucking of every single thing I offered her to eat or drink (including ice cream!), I seriously questioned if I would ever survive adding a 3rd child to this mix.

Bea then took a 2.5 hour nap, allowing me to feed myself at 1:45PM(which hadn't yet happened, unless you count an apple), check email and stare at a wall. Then she woke up and screamed for another 45 minutes until I put up my white flag and texted Sina who said--load her up, let's go to the park (a bonus to having a friend whose kid also has Hand Foot and mouth).

Life looked a little sunnier again. Until we picked Tillie up from school and she says her tongue hurts, and wait a that?....yes, yes it is. Tillie also has Hand Foot and Mouth.

And thus concludes my Monday. Well, that and a big bowl of the ice cream that Bea refused.


Anonymous said...

THAT does not sound fun. At least they both have it at the same time so it might not be drug out so long. I think back to growing up on the farm and all the "meals" we ate in the field...and when I would drop my food in the dirt mom would tell me to shake the dirt off and eat it anyway - just might be a little crunchy. Science may one day find illness fighting microbes etc in good ol dirt.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Gert! Do we need to send Grandma up there to save the day?


Nancy E. said...

An unusually crappy Monday...Hopefully each day will get better. Hang in there and Love to All, Mom