Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tillie Talks

Tillie and I were recently playing hide-and-seek and she was hiding behind the curtain, and as I was doing my standard: "hmmm, where could she be?" routine, I stopped and said: "Wait a second, what is that? Are those toes?" At which point i started tickling her until she giggled and then she said:
"I want you to put socks on me so you can't find my toes"


On a recent warm day, I plopped the girls into the car after daycare and Tillie demanded:
"Mama, turn the coolers on!"


A recent favorite game is Tillie assigning everyone a 'role'--she is usually the Mama or Daddy, Bea is usually the puppy, and that leaves Nate and I to be the 'babies....' yes. Poor Bea.  Well in one such game, Matilda put Nate and I (the babies) 'to sleep' and then just proceeded to play. So Nate and I were laying on the ground half-covered with baby sized blankets, and started talked about our days and Tillie YELLS: "Stop Talking BABIES! I am talking first."


Bea and Tillie like to play with the kitchen food, and are often serving us food. Matilda brings me a plastic mushroom, and tells me it is ice cream. Nate jumps in and says: "i want ice cream! What flavors do you have?" To which Matilda responds (after much thought): "I have chocolate or no chocolate ice cream."

Matilda got to watch  movies with her cousins when we were on vacation in Hayward. We watched the Lion King and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. About a week after vacation, we were talking about them, and asked her what they were about. Here was her assessment:

(Lion King):
There was a big chase, the dad dies, and then the lion grew and grew until they sang Hakuna Matata.

(Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs):
Meatballs fall from sky, and go boom.


Anonymous said...

The perspective is different when you are closer to the ground. I remember winters being so bad because the snow was sometimes hip deep. Now winters are pretty casual.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Great Tillie-isms....!!!!