Monday, May 26, 2014

Tillie Talks

Today, we were strolling around Excelsior by the lake and came across this event called the "Memorial Day Murph" and it was INSANE. 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 squats, and then another 1 mile run. We parked the stroller and the girls were both enthralled watched the athletes do their thing. As we were walking away, Matilda asked why they were doing that and we launched into the exercise..get stronger...healthy bodies spiel.

Fast forward 10 minutes when we get her into the swing (which we are pushing) and Matilda says:
"Now, I get my exercise in the swing."


At the dinner table, after a small scolding from Nate--Nate starts winking at her trying to lighten her sour mood, and she says (with all of the disdain of a 13-year old girl): "Quit blinking at me, Daddy."


While watching two ducks that had landed in our front yard, Matilda really wanted to go pet them, but was nervous. So naturally she said: "You go pet them, Bea-lo". Already sending in the little sister to do her dirty work.....

(Bea-lo--Matilda's unique nickname for Bea--springing from nowhere but her little imaginative mind).


Tonight, while playing outside, we saw a guy without a shirt, and pretty wild, long gray hair drive buy on a bike and Matilda looks at me and says: "Why a wolf riding a bike?"



Anonymous said...

Oh that Til!!!! I'm sure she is going to have all sorts of "rules" and sayings whenwe move into the Big House!!

H.Maxwell said...

I ask the same question about wolves riding bikes. I think wolves should wear shirts! ;-)

Anonymous said...

the wolf could have had a speedo on....that would be worse...
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

This post is early proof that Nate has a Loooooonnngg way to go to become Skeletor Jr.
Tillie hasn't seen the guy that walks past here yet - with a full beard and long hair...white as snow. I will be listening for comments. So cute. Love, Mom