Thursday, May 15, 2014

Show Ready

Our life the past two weeks has revolved around keeping our house 'show ready' so that if someone decides on a whim at 10AM on a Tuesday to want to walk through our house at the chance of considering purchasing it, they don't walk into naked baby-dolls strewn about the floor, cheerios underfoot, or a diaper that missed the garbage.

Don't get me wrong. I know that all of this is feeding the bigger vision of selling this house to move to the big house.

But I can tell you that I have about had it with un-installing, re-installing and un-installing both of the girls chairs on our table. With covering, uncovering and recovering Bea's windows each and every day. With trying to entertain our children with absolutely zero toys upstairs.

This isn't so much a problem for Matilda since playing for her is bossing us around and running 'morning meetings', having us do broadway-like renditions of her favorite songs or simply sitting and reading books for large, glorious chunks of time. But Bea? No. She is a mover. And explorer. She wants things to touch, to move, to feed her curiousity.

So needless to say she has been a bit of a terrorist the past few weeks. All she does is sit at the door with her coat draped around her neck, attempting to put her shoes one, and crying. Pointing outside, waving bye-bye, blowing kisses and signing all-done. As if to say: "I am literally doing EVERYTHING I can to tell you what I want. Because sitting in this boring ass house isn't cutting it".

We have had a good amoung of showings but no bites. So for now, we continue to keep the house show-ready. And pray for more nice weather so we can get the beastly little one outside.

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