Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Takeover

OK, as per tradition, I (Nate) feel an incredible urge to takeover the blog on this, the eve before mother's day.  As you may or may not have noticed, life gets pretty crazy around the Hanson household these days and tomorrow will make no exception for a young mother to truly be recognized for how amazing she is.

I mean I could probably bribe Tillie with toast and peanut butter to get her to say "I love you mama" or if I am extra ambitious I could rip Bea from her crib in the morning and rush her to her mama's side for that extra special early morning snuggle, which by the way, is ahhhmazing.  But doing these things would be fleeting and while they would feel special in the moment, I just want to take a minute to tell everyone why Greta is such an amazing mother!

When Daddy sings
When Mommy Sings
1) Family Dance Parties - Greta can boogey, there is no doubt about that.  But Tillie (thanks Disney!) has elevated our random family dance parties into all out Broadway show renditions of the likes of "Frozen", "Three Little Pigs", and "Hakuna Matata".  Mind you our children haven't seen the Lion King, but Greta does such an amazing job jazz dancing and singing Hakuna Matata it is now performed 2x a day at 7:00a and 7:00p - Free admission of course.

2) She is THE Teacher - Ok, so Tillie is clearly her mother's child.  There is order and organization in our life because of both of them.  Namely, each morning we have morning meetings to learn our ABCs, Days of the Week and Weather - this is all Tillie, but Mama is mostly nominated to be the teacher.  The girls love to learn from her, they love to read books with her and most of all they just plain love her.  It's because Greta dedicates each spare of moment of her life in between drying her hair and packing their daycare bags to giving them love and attention.

3) Her Creativity Kills it! - If you haven't been privy to the creative side of Greta, you are missing out.  My versions of playing with girls generally involves building, breaking or jumping on things.  I am constantly amazed at the random games Greta makes up to play with the girls. I seriously can't even describe any of them because they are so random but magically turn freak out time into play time in no time flat.

Greta, you make everyday in our nest better than the previous.  I know if the girls could, they would tell you how much you mean to them, how you care for them, how you teach them, how you're silly with them and how you help them thrive.  You really are the best mother, I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!
love Nate


Anonymous said...

Great Job Nate!! The Girls are blessed to have such a great Mom AND Dad!!!!


Nancy E. said...

Ditto! Wishing you a wonderful day as I know you have a few things planned to enjoy with the girls. Hopefully a long afternoon nap so Greta can enjoy a little down time. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great words Nate! Happy mothers day to all the moms who see these words.
Uncle Todd