Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tillie Talks

Every night at dinner, we go around the table and ask each other how their day was. Ever since we started doing this, IT MUST happen in a certain order (Nate first, then Tillie, then Mama and then Bea). And Tillie is the one that has to ask the question in order for it to be legit.

Recently, her answer took us by surprise (and probably shed some light on something we say all too much):
Nate:         "How was your day, Tillie"
Matilda:      "Pretty good. I had lots of meetings."


The other morning, Matilda put my running shoes on and said:
"Mama, I got my running feet on"


As we were getting her dressed one morning, her outfit sort of made her look like a ladybug.

Mama: "Tillie you look like a Ladybug!!"
Matilda: "I don't want to be a Ladybug. I want to be Tillie."

Ever since joining Bear Cub Cave, (where they have a 'morning meeting') Matilda likes to 'be our teacher' and make sure we are sitting 'criss cross apple sauce.' She also is the enforcer of rule #1 of the classroom:

Matilda: "Keep your body to yourself, Bea" 
(said as she is kicking Bea)

Today, Matilda was watching me leave for a run and was watching out the window as I left. Nate heard her say:

"No Mama. Run! Start Running! Now!"

Clearly this child has no concept of a warm-up.....


Anonymous said...

Wow kids sure pick up on grind of daily life eh?! I still find myself saying things I heard as a kid.
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

At least the innocent, fun things they say bring a ray of sunshine to those days filled with meetings! Love, Mom