Tuesday, March 18, 2014

6th Annual WI Dells Getaway

The term 'getaway' might be a little over-stated this year given that we didn't actually get away from this miserable, terrible, horrible, no good winter....but regardless we still had a great time meeting up with the Keaty Crew and Grandma and Grandpa for a quick weekend of fun.

And there is not greater fun to be had for Matilda than quality time with Finn and Leo. Man, that girls loves them so much. I mean we love them too, but she takes it to a whole new level. Friday night, when we went to the pool she wasn't so sure about going down the slides (due to the buckets of water they pour on you as you walk up the stairs).

That all changed the second Finn arrived....

Bea wasn't so sure about the water. She didn't mind as long as she was being held, and in the nice warm water of the Toddler pool.

Oh, and she had to have one of the balls that were meant for the older kids.

Matilda and Bea didn't get a ton of sister time since Matilda was much more interested in the cousins, and the slides but we did manage one sister pic.

One of my personal favorite things about the WI Dells is the giant sno-cone stand at the Waterdome. Overpriced sugary water. This year, Grandpa treated. 
And ALL of the kids were happy. Grandkid and the real old kids.

Bea didn't get a slushie but she got to dump water all over herself (i.e. drink out of a sippy cup but never swallow any of the water and just spit it back out all over) and snuggle with Grams.

 Meanwhile, Grandpa was getting some of his own Tillie snuggles (and ear rubs). Tillie sat here, or stood next to the opening to this massive water slide that ended right here. Watched for about 30 minutes and decided SHE wanted to go on it.

So up Mom and I climbed 6 flights of stairs. Got to the top and sat in a GIANT intertube--where I learned TIllie couldn't sit in my lap. And then we started down the ride, which quickly turned PITCH BLACK. I couldn't see my hand let alone Matilda.

Mom and I just kept saying: "this is fun!"

Swirls, dips, and sharp turns. And still pitch black. Matilda is silent. Not a peep. My heart i s in my throat.

We hit the exit and the guy catching the tubes saw Matilda and said "way to go" and she gave him a high-five and got out. And that was that. I couldn't believe she did it. And that when she did, it wasn't screaming the entire way down. All I kept thinking was "thank god Aunt Marna wasn't here to witness this, or we may have lost her". :)

Even with all of the fancy and fabulous waterpark action, there is still something about the simple joys of getting to sit next to your buddy on a bus.

Grandma got some quality snuggles and reading time in.(while Dad took cereal orders from each child every 2 minutes--more Kix! More CTC! I need a bowl!)

Ahhh....this crew. I love them all so. I love them separately and I love them together.
And I love watching them grow up through family traditions.


Marna said...

I was holding my breath and screaming "Go Back The Way You Came Up" all at the same time! And my normal low pulse of 45 is still at 150!!! That will teach me for reading Greta's blog before bedtime! Guess it's Late Night TV for me:)

Anonymous said...

Ah good stuff. If my memory is right Reid has a story to share about rolling in an intertube into the waters of Lake Amacoy...there was some poison ivy involved I do believe....
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

We had a great time with lots of fun and early bedtimes. Thanks for the photo recap. Love, Mom

H.Maxwell said...

I love how during reading time with Grandma Tillie is still rubbing ears. LOL

Emily said...

OMG that last picture is to die for!! <3 <3