Saturday, March 1, 2014


When Emily first told me she was going to have a destination wedding I was super pumped. For many reasons.

1) It would force me to get over my anxiety of traveling with both kids because there was no way I would miss this event.
2) It would force my dad to get on an airplane because there was no way he would miss this event.

Which meant, everyone was all together to help celebrate the very beautiful bride and handsome groom, and how amazing they are.

Matilda was SUUUPPER lucky because she got to be the flower girl for the special event, and Marna, Emily and Meghan went out of their way to make her feel more special than I actually thought possible.

From coloring books, to actual books, special outfits, furry boots and a tiffany necklacke (which ps, i don't even own one of these suckers)...

She even got a sneak peek of the gorgeous dress.

And got some quality snuggles in with Auntie Em before the wedding. Do you like her 'smiling' face?

I couldn't believe how calm everyone was before the ceremony. The family was just chilling getting their hair and make-up done. Here is the beautiful MOB and GOB. (not sure if that is actually an acronym but it works)

The MOH (who had a KILLER speech that I cannot seem to get uploaded onto this site) and FOB.

And of course, the Flower Girl.
Shaking out her pre-ceremony jitters with colors.

She really didn't want to wear this headband. So I concocted this whole story about how the headband was a magic coloring headband,and is what made the colors work. Which she bought as you can see in this picture....

But the problem, is she is getting too smart. 
And as soon as she was done coloring, she took that thing right off. 
Because she was done coloring, and "didn't need anymore magic."

See? No headband.

But the day went on (after the headband incident, we also had a potty accident which thank god happened while she was not in her dress).

The girl actually walked down the aisle, (even with poor joe at the end who Matilda still approaches with 100% skepticism).

Emily and Joe's ceremony was perfect. Their vows amazing.
The setting was stunning.
The food was out of this world.
Bea even got her first taste of 'ice cream'...champagne sorbet.

And the best part of weddings of course is the family time that comes with it.

The photo booth got a SEVERE workout from the Ekern crew.
And you will never guess who started it all....

No, not Bea.
What is common between these two pictures?

That's right. Reid. Pop Pop.
All that is missing is Todd...we will have to Photoshop you in. :)

By the end of the night, I think the Flower Girl attention was going to Tillie's head as she started requesting to have someone take her picture.

One of my favorite shots of the night.

All of the Ekern girls!

A nice one of my Mom and B. We managed to not get one with all 3 of us (which really isn't all that shocking since I absolutely hate getting my picture taken. I hate it. Hate. it.)

 But I was there. Mostly 'there' being the dance floor. Which was going f.or the whole party

Tillie made it to 9PM which I think is officially the latest she has ever been up (esp. since that is 10PM our time)

The bride and groom had a sweet first dance..

and the daughter /father dance was equally as sweet.

I predict this to be in their future as well (which I truly cannot even imagine right now)

The DJ was CRAZY amazing. And after many, many hints finally played Gangnam style.

We had SUCH a fun time. Sad to leave CO. To leave the family.
Looking forward to more fun family times that now have another member in it.
Welcome to the crew, Joe.

Congrats to you both. We love you!!!


Nancy E. said...

Nice recap including all the photos. It was SO much fun and am very glad we could all be there to share the special event. Mom

Emily said...

We love you guys too! Thank you for this awesome post. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend with everyone! <3

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! Just wasn't in our cards to be there...I will send a picture with a Viking helmet I made from an old hockey helmet, yarn, pvc pipe and beer.
Uncle Todd