Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Day After

The day after the Lott wedding was gorgeous.
Sunny. Clear. and Mountainous. (if that is a word..)

Which made for some great photo ops....

Future Patagonia model?

The altitude made it a little more difficult to carry Matilda around

Best Family Photo to date

It was so fun to have some more relaxed time with the fam out and about Breckenridge too.

One of my favorite moments was when we came upon this super cute chalkboard. We told Emily she should write on it about getting married.

We searched for chalk

Emily found some. 
Except it turned out it wasn't chalk.
It was old blue gum.

And of course, there was ice cream. 
Going from -10 degrees to 35 degrees was a BIG swing.
So we shed the big puffy coat, and treated ourselves to a nice cold treat.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! What kind of camera are you kids slinging?
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Tillie will where those boots at the water park....


Emily said...

My favorite CO day (besides the wedding of course!)