Thursday, August 8, 2013


Bea was baptized two weekends ago in Viroqua, and it was a great weekend and service.
She was fortunate enough to be the second one to wear the beautiful gown that my Mom had made from her wedding dress and my Grandma Sherry's wedding dress.

You could tell she is a second child because she got away with no tights and no shoes.
To be fair, I brought the shoes, but the morning was just.a.little.chaotic. and they didn't quite make it to her feet.

She was a good girl through the whole service. Sleeping right up until the water got poured onto her head.

Bea is very lucky to have two AMAZING godmothers. I view godparents as someone they know they can always go to with a conversation or problem they may not want to talk to us about. As people that will always be in my kids lives who help 'fill in the gaps' where Nate or I may need some help

Janet will keep Bea tied to her small-town roots. She will be able to watch her to learn how to work hard, be resilient, and be a caring, kind-hearted and independent woman.

Katie will show her how to be a loyal, honest friend. How to always look on the sunny side of life, and be a good listener.  How to cut loose and have a little fun every now and then. 

Bea has lots to learn, and we have lots to teach her. But seeing her welcomed into this new community of the church, and knowing she has two amazing godparents, I know we aren't alone.

**Also to be noted so as to not be forgotten: Right after the sermon, Matilda had to go potty. Left with Daddy, and when they came back proudly announced (in a very loud voice): I WENT POTTY!!! And then clapped for herself.


Anonymous said...

See ya guys tomorrow!!!! Should be busy week!!!


Anonymous said...

Great post Gert! It was a wonderful day and Bea is very lucky to have 2 extra, beautiful, strong and loving women in her life. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great picks with the Godmothers! As Til is learning, sometimes you gotta beep your own horn.
Uncle Todd