Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hayward Family Vacation

 Last week we headed up North to Deerfoot. I think we determined this was our 26th year of going up North. This vacation has morphed quite a bit over these years.

We went from begging our parents to stay up late, begging for quarters to play games in the Lodge, to being teenagers and getting as much sun as we could and heading to MOA for back to school shopping. From sleeping as late as possible, reading all day and fishing as college students, to playing/dancing/singing/running with kids and trying to get THEM to sleep so we can sleep.

Because no one wants to see all 350 pictures I took on vacation, I am attempting to pare this post down to 7 photos. 1 for each day. Seems fair.

Matilda got to go on a boat ride with Pop Pop...and after her first one she wasn't so sure she really needed to go on another one.  Leo and Finn, however, would have spent all day in the boat if we woul have let them.

There were moments that the adults needed a little liquid patience.....

I am not sure anyone loves Finn and Leo as much as Matilda. She just L-O-V-E-S them so much, and will not stop talking about them even now. I think by the end of the week both of them were sick of her and her 'neediness' and also her relentless requests for them to swing or run or play with their ears.

Finn was always much more willing to give her her way...

Leo, not as much. He wasn't about to be bossed around.

And not to be forgotten, Beatrice had her first boat ride. She did awesome. Loved it. 

Auntie Becca made Smores, and as you can tell all of the kids just hated them.

Every time Bea woke up from a nap, all of the kids wanted to be right there to kiss, hug and snuggle.

And there was sun and sand. So much sun and sand. Especially sand. In the booty. In the clothes. In the hair. 

Ok, so I know I am officially over my picture limit, but here is the deal. I couldn't NOT post this one.
Here she is ....the pretzel caper.

Don't mind if I do, don't mind if I DO!


Anonymous said...

Was that some leinenkugel in the liquid patience pix? That post takes me back to Lake Amacoy.
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

Great Post, great memories and yes that was leinies...and this household is sad that another year of Summer Shandy is about over! Deerfoot also serves a mean kiddie cocktail! Mom

Anonymous said...

Kiddie cocktails...yet another flashblack to the Viking Inn Friday nights after going to the football game. Norm and Shirley mom and dad and me. Kiddie cocktail, cheeseburger and fries and a chocolate milk chaser. Now I got a hankerin' for some food....
Uncle Todd

Emily said...

Aww love this! So cute to see all the kids evolving into little people and being cousins like us!