Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Uh-oh #1
Has it really been a week since my last post? Shit.

Uh-oh #2
Our computer is literally fried--i.e. when you try to turn it on you get a black screen with 6 sharp beeps. So any photos to be posted of Matilda, or my amazing girls weekend in NYC this past weekend, is not happening.

Uh-oh #3
And the reason for this post---my friend from work whose son attends daycare with Matilda sent me this picture today:

This is not supposed to be happening yet. Nate has not had a chance to go through years of extensive training from my father on how to become "Skeletor" and scare the boys away. I am here to tell you that he is not ready to play that role.

And the technique you see here is frightening. Eyes closed, head slightly lifted up as to play hard to get. Tillie going in with her arm for some extra bodily contact.

Here is the good news. The fellow Tillie decided to 'make nice' with is a fellow Badger--score major points. Is a Packer fan--additional points. Like to play with Tillie and I when I go to visit. Excellent. And he is pretty cute. :)

Now, if only she could pick just one, because word on the street from her daycare room--she is the kisser/hugger, and most recently 'back-rubber' since she sees Nate giving my backrubs a lot. Although, her backrubs are a little aggressive and may be actually look like she is pushing kids down.

We are working on gentle. Clearly, we also need to work on personal space bubbles as well.


Anonymous said...

Skeletor lessons, one hour, box of shandy.....


Anonymous said...

I am sure there is a website for DIY chasity belts that one could also bedazzle...or vadazzle as the case may be...
Uncle Todd