Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Check

Parenthood doesn't provide you with any certainties except that just when you think you have something figured out, it is certain to change.

We have always been so incredibly lucky to have a very good little eater on our hands. I still maintain it is luck, while Nate likes to take some parental credit for her palate. I think the reason I prefer to take zero credit is because when she turns into a picky little monster like I was (and I promise you she will some day), then it isn't a failure on my part. It is with great care that I always say "Matilda will eat any steamed vegetable for now" because I know my time before the full-on mouth lockdown is limited.

This weekend, Matilda was the unfortunate recipient of my terrible viral infection and went on a full-on hunger strike. Saying "no" to literally any food or liquid we would put in front of her. The child had to have been starving. I often forget that she is, in fact, a human. And I haven't wanted to eat anything in a week, so why would I expect her to?

Anyway, for the past year since Matilda has been eating food, we have taken care to pack a fruit and vegetable for every single meal, hoping to ward off future pickiness, and as I mentioned--to date--have been successful.

As I watched her adamantly decline food option after food option, I quickly realized the utter desparation that parents whose kids don't like to eat must feel, because you just want them to eat something. ANYTHING. And if Matilda said no to every thing we put in front her except for fig newtons, my guess is we would become stockholders of the Fig Newton company.

It's always good to have these parenting moments that keep you in-check, grounded to reality and appreciating what you currently have in the moment. Sure, our kid continues to wake-up at a god forsaken hour in the morning, but we haven't (yet) had to have all-out food fights for every meal (for now). So I will be grateful for that, and keep my fingers and toes triple crossed that when Matilda recovers from this cold, so do her tastebuds.

But I will say, if Baby GH can read this blog through my womb, I will make her eat a little less cauliflower in exchange for a few more winks of shut eye.

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Anonymous said...

Well the Tillster is eating pretty well....but is up and ready to roll at 5:10am....she is on good ol grandpa time!!!!

see ya tomorrow