Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Very NYC Christmas

Our household continues to be computer-less. Well...I mean, personally computer-less. Which means that I continues to be picture-less for the blog.

And I have been despairing as I want to share lots of great pictures of Matilda, some recent recipes we have tried, and most importantly of the great trip I took with some friends last weekend.

Lucky for me, my friend Summer also blogs, and her version of our trip will be far more entertaining and better written than what I could have done myself. I'm sure I have written about this in one of the past recaps of our two 'everything-holiday-NYC-trips' but every time we go, I can't help to stop to think how fortunate we are to have fate bring us together with new people in our lives.

Summer was the person that hosted me the night before my interview for the General Mills position (almost 8 years ago to the date), and we instantly bonded over our love for the holidays. And it is amazing to me to think that two weddings, four kids, and lots of life that has been shared between friends could start because of such a small shared interest. And every time we are in NYC, I can't help to think back to that night, and that I was so focused on the interview the next day, that I didn't realize I was sitting across from a future lifelong friend.

Anyway, I digress. This trip holds a very special place in my heart because of the spirit of the holiday and spending it with friends you love. Everyone should have this type of tradition, and if the holidays aren't your thing, find your thing and do it with friends.

Check out Summer's recap of NYC 2012 here:

When we went in 2010, I was about 12 weeks pregnant, threw up once in the hotel room because we went like 15 hours without eating.

The 'without eating' problem didn't happen this trip, but I will say being almost 24 weeks pregnant this time around brought very sore feet, and a weird racing heart one day every time I stood still. Nothing a little grapefruit sorbet couldn't cure (thanks for finding Marie!!).

And once our computer gets fixed (i.e. we buy a new one) and we get our old hard-drive tranferred ( and by we I mean Nate), I will share the pictures that Nate was sending me, because he took full advantage of his daddy/daughter weekend. And it melted my heart.


Anonymous said...

Are you low on LCD fluid? Did you try getting some LCD fluid and top it off - it may help. I think Radio Shack may have it.
Uncle Todd

Nate Hanson said...

Did the Brooklyn art fair have a human boombox? You know what I am talking about, right Gert?

Anonymous said...

Nate did you try lubricating the reciprocating dingle arm on the hard drive? One must be careful as it is fastened with left handed wing nuts.
Uncle Todd