Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scrumptious LIttle Moments

The Toddler years....
equal parts amazing and pull-your-hair-out tiresome.

But for some reason, there have been so many small reminders this week that have come across my computer screen, eyes, ears, etc that life is short and to make the most of it each and every day. I struggle with truly embracing the here and now because of the plan ahead nature of our lives.

But for tonight, I pause and soak up all the greatness that is Matilda Mae at this age.

...watching her 'hide' and then sneak looks at you while you are looking for her

...listening to her expanding vocabulary which grows every day (night night, banana, all done, star, moon, and snow all came out in the past week)

....seeing her 'read a book' to herself for the entire car ride into work, and then not want to let it go so we carry it all the way into daycare.

...her saying 'bye-bye' the second she sees anyone putting on a coat or shoes

....the excitement she has while trying to hide her bath toys from us and then act all surprised when she 'finds them'

...her wanting to 'ring around the rosey' with everyone, as much as possible. Even including her stuffed animals.

...every night when I pick her up from daycare, she immediately reaches for her daily sheet, and wants her litle lunch bag, and then proceeds to carry them through the entire building and out to the car. (note--this can sometimes be both amazing and frustrating..:) )

....she will snuggle into our laps and read books forever. And when we close the last book and go to put her down for her 'big sleep', she rests her head on your shoulder and gives you a last snuggle for the day.

That last snuggle is the best. The one that says "I love you, Mom." even though she can't say it yet.


Emily said...

I miss this baby so much I want to cry!!! Only a few more weeks... <3

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have the Tillster next week!!!!