Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not Above Bribing

It's no secret that I am 100% fine with a small, harmless bribe for my baby (anyone remember this?)

And it was time to pull out the big guns last night as I wasn't quite certain I could take another 5AM wake-up call this week. Someone must have told Matilda that the early bird gets the worm, because she is getting up before a rooster would crow.

And really all she wants to do is sit and read books. This is what happens when you walk in her room:

First, she giggles.
Then she says hi.
Then she points urgently at her gigantic stack of books and attempts to say "book".
When you put her in your lap, and point to a book she giggles again and settles in.
No joke I read 13 books to her this morning before she even hinted at being interested in anything else.

Perhaps she heard the statement wrong and thinks it is the early bird gets the bookworm.

A simple semantics error, perhaps?

It doesn't really matter. The point is last night I promised her that if she just slept until 6AM, I would give her a huge ice cream cone when we are up north with my family. And if she slept until 7AM she could have cotton candy.

Neither of those things happened.

Maybe I need to speak to her in her language. Tonight, if Matilda sleeps until 6AM, I will buy her 10 new books. Let's see how this bribe goes. :)


Anonymous said...

I feel you are looking at this the wrong way downsideup. You are just not taking advantage of getting up early and getting things done. There will be plenty time to sleep when you are dead. Maybe Tillie needs to do some pushups before going to bed or some 1980s aerobics just to get tuckered out and maybe sleep longer.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

If she could handle a filet knife, she could join me in the fish cleaning house at 5 am...