Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spending Freeze

A month or so ago, I noticed a disturbing trend forming in my routine errands. While getting groceries at Costco, a new book for Matilda or little Carter's outfit would catch my eye. While getting diapers, or household goods at Target, a new toy or Toddler accessory would catch my eye.

And while none of these things were by themselves expensive, the question of 'need' remained. How many clothes can one little girl wear? How many sippy cups can she have (although I still maintain this number is high since she still doesn't quite get how to use any of them).

Enter in my month challenge to myself to not buy ANYTHING for Matilda besides food, medical necessities and diapers.

All in all, it was a success. I will admit I did buy two things during this month that didn't fit in the list. The first, was an exception that i made at the very beginning. Matilda still didn't have sandals because I hadn't gotten around to buying her any, and I found some that I loved (seriously, they are yellow, and amazing). So I go those.

But even that didn't technically count. The real ding was a moment of weakness in Target. I was feeling like she was bored of all of her toys, that they were too babyish, and bought her an $8 interactive puzzle.

It was hard at first, with cute girlie outfits whispering my name online, banner ads boasting clearance sales of my favorite kids brands, and even Matilda has started to point to toys she likes as we are walking through Target. But after a while, I kind of just avoided all of that 'noise'.

I'm not saying we will never buy again (because let's be honest I had a shopping bag on filled with super sale pajamas ready to check-out on August 1st), but it was a good reset in the mindset of the amount of stuff Matilda has vs. needs.

I am guessing this will be an exercise that will need to be repeated in the future....

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Anonymous said...

Ya know when I was a kid I got all the leftover toys. Or I had to "make" my own which usually involve a rock and maybe a stick or two. My first bike I had to build from several left over bikes laying around...a true frankenbike, but a good exercise for a second grader.
Uncle Todd