Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The League

Nate and I just joined a Fantasy Football team.

Here are a few pertinent facts to this discussion:
Fact: We really only watch the Packers (although we do love watching the Vikings lose).
Fact: We aren't all the knowledgeable on any other football teams.
Fact:  To be honest I'm not sure what a tight-end does vs. a wide receiver or a runningback.

I am guessing our success rate will not be high in this so called league.

So, why did we do it?

Well, first of all, we are currently pretty obsessed with the show The League on FX, and both of us like to believe that we are the couple on that show. And I am guessing the episode where their daughter has swearing issues at school because of their parents fantasy football league behavior is going to be all to relevant for us in a few years.

Second, I love smack-talking. Doesn't it just make any sort of competitive event more fun? I don't care if I win this league, as long as I get to smack-talk some people (especially if they are Vikings fans).

Plus, I have a secret weapon. It's called my cousin. And she can tell me what the difference between a tight-end and running back is. Nate will tell me he can too, but let's be honest--I'll double check with Meghan.

It should make for a very fun football season....


Marna said...

When it comes to picking your team, if you are in doubt, just have Matilda point to the one she likes:)

Paul and Sara Schulz said...

We did the fantasy football league thing this year too the whole neighborhood got involved... Paul got really into it I on the other got to the point where I just started to pick the names I liked. Which wasn't all bad the one guy who is in like 6 leagues was mad when I named 2 of his players !

Anonymous said...

I agree, Packer fans have a fantasy league all their own.
Uncle Todd aka THE APF, founder and president...

meghan said...

I'm very pleased with your roster - we can chat about a few changes, but we have time. I approved of you rookie draft (though i hate Cam Newton) :)

Sina Teskey, RD, LD said...

and now we can watch random football games together with the girls. I still can't believe I took a Viking in the first least now I'll have a little vested interest in watching them with Ryan. Go AP!