Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Translation Tuesday: Downtown

Downtown: The place where most people go to enjoy fine-dining, theatre, shows, and general merriment in public.

Downtown in the Hanson Household: Where the adults retreat to after a long hard days work, or once the baby is in bed. Not to be confused with the above definition, as downtown refers to the cozy comforts of the basement.

Long gone are our days of going 'downtown' unless of course it is for a special occasion, or has been planned oodles and oodles of days in advance. No, now we go 'downtown' which involves grabbing every device you may possibly want for entertainment, your dinner plate, bottle of water and walk down one flight of stairs to the relaxation station.

This could be why nothing ever seems to get done in my house. Too much time spent 'downtown.' But once that baby is sleeping there is only so much a person can do. So we retreat. Watch TV. Cruise the internet. Blog (your welcome). Craft when I'm feeling inspired. Read Magazines. Chat. Etc.

You know 'downtown' sort of stuff.


Anonymous said...

gotta have a place to go!!!! Minimize noise violations...

Anonymous said...

Downtown for Nate, you, & guests....a heated garage and 2 boats for Dad & Leo! Miss you all, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

They say the neon lights are bright downtown...is that true?
Uncle Todd