Thursday, February 2, 2012

The "Other" Ekern Girls

This past weekend was a fabulous weekend (minus the whole Nate being deathly ill part).

BOTH of the 'other' Ekern girls were in town. We have so enjoyed having Emily in Minneapolis and getting to see her a few times each week. Matilda definitely enjoys her too!

Meghan came up to visit, so we had lots of fun things planned.

The girls did dinner with Tillie at our house one night. Emily is getting quite skilled at feeding the little gremlin.

We also headed to east to St. Paul to try to partake in some of teh Winter Carnival festivities. There was a 'beer dabbler' that was going on but apparently it was so cool it sold out.

So we just walked around, looked at the ice sculptures, and took in the cold January air.
The ice sculptures were a little intense (think man shackled to the ground trying to break free), and I happend to say that I thought they were a little serious, and was expecting more like unicorns and penguins.

We turned the corner and here is what we saw:

Yup, Unicorns.

Matilda was happy about that.

We headed to Punch for dinner, WITH Matilda, and thus fulfilling a 7 months dream that Nate has had.
Where the whole fam goes and enjoys dinner together.

Sure, we at at 4:45. Like senior citizens.
But we did it.

We dominated the pizza. Tillie dominated some squash.

And we capped off the evening o' fun with a massive game of Killer Bunnies.
Emily and I formed a stellar alliance, but to no avail.

Meghan still killed it, and walked away the victor.

The next morning, while Nate was perishing in the basement, we got to go to a favorite brunch spot, get a Target run in and have some more general merriment with Tillie.

Come back soon, Meghan! I need you to pick out paint colors for my kitchen!!


Anonymous said...

I am not sure I like the fact that Emily is seeing Til more often than Grandma. Warn her that I am not sharing much this weekend!!! Well maybe just a tish, Love, Mom

Jian | Custom Sticker Printing Services- said...

Looks like you had a blast last weekend. Matilda's cute smile would attest :)