Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Full House

Another weekend that went by way to fast.
They never seem to be long and lazy any more.
We headed back to Viroqua for a weekend of fun with the family, and it was SUCH a great time because the entire Keaty crew was there. Including Nick!

and Matilda sure did like Nick. Gave up smiles pretty quick for him!

And then there is this guy....

He is getting so old. And it makes ME feel old to say 'remember when Finn....'
He has such a sweet spirit, and boy does he sure love playing dream race on the Wii (my triceps were sore for two days after playing with him).....

Mom tried with all her might to convert Leo, but he still remains a HUGE Grandpa's boy.

Literally you cannot even mention the "G" word around Leo or he immediately starts asking for Grandpa and wants to see the boat. I can just picture 8 years from now...Leo and Gramps sitting in a tree stand.

Matilda loved watching her cousins.  It was the first weekend together that i felt like she really paid attention and interacted with them beyond just staring.

Finn continued to be Grandma's big helper in the kitchen and threw together some delicious pancakes for the whole family. :)

And the family grew larger this weekend as the Keaty's adopted a new french bulldog.

Meet Frankie. 

She is very cute.

We were so spoiled to have Grandma with us for almost a full week and then go to visit over teh weekend. The house feels very quiet now. But it's good she went back so she could take care of Dad....

.....since he got the flu that we all just had......



Anonymous said...

Reid should have performed a reverse polarity dump and then amped up the tri-lithium crystals and kept the deflectors shields at 110%.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Todd, it was their plan all along to infect me with the bug. All in all, not bad though..Just a 12 hour quick hitter..I credit my quick recovery to Old Mil Lite, a premium beer in itself.