Thursday, February 16, 2012

34 Weeks

The 8 Month birthday is quickly approaching, but I couldn't help myself to indulge in some memory-catching .

The nicknames continue to pile up for Matilda.

Til Til
Chunka-Chunka Burning Love 
(Okay, I just made that one up but seriously this girls cheeks and thighs are so darn pinchable)


While we may not call her Munchie quite as often, the reason for the name in the first place is still dominant.
One of my favorite Matilda faces right now is when she is sucking her two little fingers, but find something you are doing or saying amusing and gives you a big smile--with her fingers still firmly planted in that mouth.

It's so fun to watch her explore new toys. And to play with new people. 
Banging. Stacking. And....putting things in the mouth.
All favorite past-times.

And the poor thing has inherited her Mama's digestive system. We have pretty much ceased feeding all rice, apples, and bananas and are pushing prunes. Yum. I think this photo sums it up...

Nate is still in class 2 nights a week so he treasures all of the time he can get snuggling with Til. She has a special smile that seems to come out just for him. Not sure if this is her way of trying to make him feel guilty or because she knows she is going to own him some day.... :)

Matilda did roll from back to tummy (once!) this past week. She just has no interest in moving around. She is content to sit and play with toys that are around her and hasn't found a need to explore yet.

And Nate and I are just fine with that. Less baby-proofing that needs to be done!

Nate and I know we need to get going on introducing her to new foods. She is NOT a fan of most fruit, except for pears. She will eat an entire pear if you let her...Clearly from the rolls behind her knee consumption of food is not a concern!

Oh, how we love this little girl.


Anonymous said...

Own Nate someday?? Nate's toast already....!!! Gotta love the Munchie!!!


Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh Til, I miss her already! Thanks for the photo fun. I love the rubber band wrists. Love, Grandma