Friday, April 10, 2015

Her Royal Twoness

Look out, World. We have another 2-year old. And her name is Beatrice. I cannot believe that we are already celebrating her 2nd year. It truly feels like we were just figuring out how to adapt to life as a family of four, and now it's two years later, we have a third child, and Beatrice is talking, singing, running, demanding, hugging, scooting, and wrapping us around her finger.

To say that Beatrice can hold her own is an understatement. She gets what is hers (and sometimes what isn't actually hers), communicates readily without words (her eyes say it all), and seems masterful at negotiation (but perhaps our patience is just worn so thin that we give in a little too easily these days).

Her independence is something fierce with "I DO" ringing out from any room she may be in. Whether it is her wanting to do something for herself, or try something her big sister is doing, Bea is ready to take it all on. No height is too high for jumping off of, and no bag is too heavy to lift.

Bea loves her brother and her sister. She loves doing what Matilda does, and telling us what to do to Otis. So I guess her position as Middle child is perfect. She is surprisingly good at helping pick up toys, and equally as surprisingly good at ignoring us when we tell her NOT to do something (like eat yogurt with her fingers).

Her second year of life was scattered with a variety of illnesses, some landing her in the hospital, and some just landing her at home where she could soak up a few uninterrupted snuggles. She has definitely been the sickest Hanson kidlet to date, but if this is the worst of it, I consider us lucky. Perhaps that is why she enjoys playing doctor so much....And how she knows now every night we put on her 'special lotion' of coconut oil and essential oils mixed in.

She is sassy and sweet. Unafraid (unless of course you have a dog with you). Vibrant. Hilarious. Expressive. She knows what she wants, and how to get it (which sometimes right now involves teeth or pinching...).

It is without a doubt going to be an exciting ride to be with this little one the next 16 years. We love you, Beatrice! Happy Birthday!


Nancy E. said...

Yes we love you Beasley, and you are the Perfect Middle Child.
Grandma xox

Anonymous said...

She is one of a kind thats for sure!!!