Monday, March 16, 2015

Status Update

So, blogging.

Not as easy with three kids as with one. I look back on my blog when it was just Matilda and you guys (if anyone is even hanging with me on this thing) knew every.last.detail about that girl. know Otis was born and that is about it.

Maybe it is because it is a 3-ring circus here, or because I am enjoying just being with Otis and not documenting every last thing. Although then the Mom guilt sets in and I know he needs pictures too, lest I hear about it the rest of my life.

So here are a few details on our Otis.

There is far less of THIS than there was with the first two (at least so far):

He seems to be relatively even-keeled. Just don't try to put him to sleep if he doesn't want to me. He can, apparently, do that himself. We are still working on tummy time, which is definitely not his favorite thing.

He likes to be on his back staring out our bright windows. And every once in a while, he doesn't mind be accosted by his older sisters.

Otis is super snuggly. Has lots of coos and 'stories' for me. He is a boy through and through--I get that comment more than anything. "Man, he is ALL boy". Which is good, because he burps and toots like a boy.

We busted out the bjorn this week for the beautiful weather and he loves the fresh air. I should say I love it because it is like the baby equivalent of ambien for him. Right to sleep. Which makes the mama very happy.

And finally, while it is unconfirmed until his 2-month appointment next week, he is huge. At least compared to my girls. And no complaints here on the size if it means that his sleeping continues on the trend it has been (of which I will not comment so as to avoid jinxing it). Also, how is this child already almost 2 months old. I think time goes faster with each child....

The moment all Mamas wait for during those hard newborn weeks...the first smile! I can't say this is his first official smile (which was right around 5 weeks), but it is one of them. And I adore it.


Marna said...

He is so sweet! Can't wait to see him. As far as your blog - I love reading it. But you don't have to write every time - just post pictures. I LOVE pictures!!

Nancy E. said...

Yeah, and I fully agree with Auntie Marna. It is truly amazing how much they change in a few weeks. Keep up the good work G Mama!

Anonymous said...

Just catchin up....I know the pain Otis will feel when looking at pictures - bloggy things etc - and the boy figures out he is "out documented 10 to 1" for being the youngest..... :)
Uncle Todd aka the youngster....