Monday, April 13, 2015

Fourth Annual Egg Hunt!!

Easter has come and gone, and I realized I didn't post about our Annual Egg Hunt! First off, I am SO bummed with my photos of this event--clearly when you have 100 people to your house you should put someone else in charge of photos, because I had very few.

But, that's fine because it was a super fun time! I think we hid close to 500 eggs (and by we I mean Auntie Meghan did the bulk of the hiding!), and had 45 little ones under the age of 7. I really could have used a little more help from Mother Nature, but it could have been worse. But to say we had a full house is an understatement. Although, for how many people we had, we managed to have WAY to much food.

I was SUPER excited that I actually would have  mantle to decorate this year.

We brought back a crowd-favorite from our first year....

And introduced a new little pudding cup treat.....

Little did I know, that these little Jello Bunnies would be the ONLY thing we actually ate almost all of. Good thing my Mom was in town to painstakingly extract each of these from the mold, or I don't think they would have happened.

And, since Bea's birthday was the day before, we had to have a cake and sing her a quick round of Happy Birthday. Queen of Cakes did an AMAZING job whipping up a Peter Cottontail inspired treat...

We also started a little photo wall. Since we have been doing this for so many years, it is fun to see how much some of the kiddos have changed!

This is one of the few pictures I have of either of my kids hunting for eggs...:)

And there is Grandma--holding down the baby fort inside!

Tillie and Bea had so much fun with all of their friends, It was the talk of our dinner table for about 3 months leading up to the actual event. I am actually surprised that Matilda was able to calm herself enough to take a nap that day...but she did!

The Birthday Girl

Stealing a lick

Bea's 'after-party' look inspired by Auntie Meghan

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Anonymous said...

Wow. makes me want to be a kid again!!!
Uncle Tod