Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Orchard Fun!

We decided to brave the cold this weekend and headed out to an orchard with the girls. This was difficult for me on a number of fronts:

1) It was seriously cold--like real feel 32 degrees. Brrr.
2) I have a huge issue with any Minneapolis-ish orchards. They are SO overpriced compared to good old Gays Mills.
3) Also, no ones apple donuts stack up. Not even close.

But it was a fun adventure, and they do have some features not available in Vernon County--like a petting zoo, and train rides.

They also had a CRAZY slide that started at the top of a silo. Tillie got to the top and said: "no thanks".

Bea got to the top and essentially said: "oh yeah, this is happening."

So Nate launched her down the slide and I did my best to catch her as I felt the pressure of every single parental eyeball on me silently judging us for sending such a small kid down the slide. But the second her feet hit the ground, she was running to do it again. The kid is crazy.

Bea is still going through a serious Daddy stage, so she was extremely unhappy anytime his full attention wasn't on her. Here is Nate and Tillie going on a nice fall stroll through the orchards---next to me (behind the camera) is a wailing 18 month old who is screaming Mama at the top of her lungs (because she calls Nate that....)...and will not, I repeat, will NOT let me pick her up.

Best part (ok, one of the best parts) of the orchard---loads of fresh air and wide open fields for running which of course meant good long naps for the little ones. :)


Anonymous said...

I see Bea has her special book with her....Daredevil Bea we will have to call her!!


Anonymous said...

If you are in the Rockford area Edwards apple orchard has some wicked good donuts. Those are the ones we had this summer.
Uncle Todd