Sunday, July 27, 2014

16 Month Round-up

It feels like a while since we have devoted a blog to the wonderful Beatrice Lea, and given how much her personality is growing it is about time.

The poor thing has been working on all 4 molars the last few weeks so hasn't totally been herself. But between biting on toes, biting on me, and bouts of Tylenol, we have been enjoying the spunk that our second-born has brought into our house.

One of the things that continues to surprise us is how much Bea plays by herself. This is just totally new territory for us. And if she didn't literally put EVERYTHING in her mouth any chance she gets, we could pretty much leave her home alone and she would be happy. But alas, she is a dirt, rock, sand, playdough, penny, etc eater. So we have to keep a close eye on her. :)

But with this growing independent play, the sisters have started to enjoy some more playtime together. (which also means we have caught a glimpse into our future with the fighting)....

But in between bouts of fighting there is a lot of sweetness, and Matilda is getting more anxious for her little sister to catch up to her so they can fly together.

Bea is very patient when she is trying to figure something out. She will spend long period of time trying to do something that could frustrate her. Put on her shoe. Put a crayon in the box. Pick up a tiny rock off of the floor so she can put it in her mouth. You get the picture.

That patience is zapped to zero when it involves her hunger or something she wants, now. But it impresses me that she appears to have a penchant for problem solving.

Some of my favorite Bea things right now:
- hysterical maniacal giggling when we crack the code of what she wants
- the way she stops, looks over her shoulder and nods 'yes' right before she does something naughty
- her 'lobster claw'--when she hooks her arm around ours when we carry her
- the way she just pops her little hand out of the stroller when she wants something. It's a quiet sort of demanding
- Her obsession with Suzy Doll and Annie Bear and how she has to bring them out of the crib each morning

Bea started the Toddler room this past week, and it was SO clear to me that she was more than ready.
The way she was playing with toys--picking up a purse, grabbing the stroller, packing it with a baby and waving bye bye. 

She did really well--although I can't imagine this child--who is ALWAYS on the go sleeping on a cot. I can't wrap my mind around that.

The child is also OBSESSED with her hat and shoes. Literally wears her hat around the house 75% of the time. Will stop what she is doing (even if it is crying for food) and walk like a hypnotized robot when we ask her where her shoes are and to go put them on (sometimes I do it just to stop her from crying!).

For how 'busy' Bea is, she is also a Lover. Free with her waves, her kisses, her drive-by snuggles.
She is still quite the peanut from what we are used to, but what she might lack in theft around her middle, she makes up for in spunk.


Nancy E. said...

Sweet Bea and Busy Bea. She's a keeper! We Love you Beatrice, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I think eating a lot of dirt will help her immune system in the long run. Our pup Odin has learned from Loki to eat green tomatoes off the plant. Besides the stick leaves etc, Odin has lately supplemented his diet with a couple rolls of toilet paper....mouse traps have been strategically deployed, but I think they too will be come a chew toy / snack.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Bea will have plenty of sand to munch on in a couple of weeks!!!!