Sunday, August 17, 2014

Deerfoot Lodge Vacation

Another trek up to Hayward with the fam is done, and it didn't disappoint. Sure, as the kids get older the cabin may start to seem smaller--but that is what the lake is for, right? Oh, and the boat!

I was VERY worried about Bea this year because a) she has no fear around water and I was certain she would drown at least once this week and b) she is a dirt/sand/mud eating machine and I was certain that the entire week would be spent chasing her, telling her no, and washing her mouth out

And neither of those things happened, so apparently my certainty is no longer meaningful.

Matilda had an absolute BLAST with her cousins. MAN, does she love those boys. She calls them her 'cousin brothers'. It was fun to see her and Leo activate their imaginations together--merging Matilda's game of "you are the baby, I am the mama" with Leo's "there is a tiger on the loose and I am a ninja to stop it". Essentially this game turned into Leo and Matilda being the mom and dad of a tiger baby.

Leo and Finn loved being on the boat this year, Matilda--not as much, unless the boys were on board then she was all smiles. Leo caught a huge "bask" fish and every time he told the story the fish got bigger--i think by the end of the week it was bigger than Matilda.

There was LOTS of fun in the sand and water and jumping of the dock (and lily pad). Which we all loved because the water was shallow enough, for far enough that the kids could kind of play without too much oversight.

And of course, no trip to Hayward would be complete without a stop at Tremblays--the store my dreams are made off. After about 5 minutes of being there, Tillie excitedly proclaimed: "Mama, we were here last year!"--like it was one of her first legit memories. Very cute. She got to pick out FIVE whole pieces of candy, and I think she thought she was the richest girl in the store (meanwhile, I think I bought about a pound and a half of everything carmely, chocolately, taffy, and more).

My motherly pride went up a tick when Matilda started to rebrand a "kiddie cocktail" a "Cherry Bucket"...clever, right? Well, she got about 3 of them out of old PopPop. Bea on the other hand, got to suck back a few drinks of my virgin bloody mary...spicy, but she still took it. :)

It was a good week--and a good excuse for me to drag out my good camera and get some decent shots of the fam!


Nancy E. said...

Great Vacation Re-cap. So glad everyone could make it and the cousins had a few days together. The fun continues this weekend! Mom

Anonymous said... thats a flash back. Looking like the weekend will be a warm one.
Uncle Todd