Sunday, July 13, 2014


I want to say I have no excuses for poor execution of this blog the last month or so, but in reality I feel like I have a lot. :)

First of all, if someone isn't trailing Bea at all times she will definitely consume more than her fair share of dirt, sand, rocks that are choking hazards, or crayons.

Second, the weather has been so gorgeous the last thing I want to do after being on the computer all day is sit in front of the computer some more.

Third, and most fun, we have had a TON of visitors this last month to help us break in the new house. So usually I catch up on my blogging on the weekends, but that hasn't been able to happen because we have been out having fun.

And fourth (and probably the most legit reason for the absence) is that I CANNOT get my freaking iphone pictures to sync up with my blogger. I have tried so many times and it isn't happening. So I apologize for the post below--no pictures. There are lots of cute ones. If you want to see them to tell the story--let me know and I can scroll you through my phone. :)

Emily and Joe came and visited us all the way from Texas, and while Joe tried his best to better Matilda up, I'm not sure we made as much progress as he would have liked. The girl has a steel-trap memory, and just will not let their first encounter go. Bea, on the other hand, gives it up straight away.

We had a lot of fun exploring some new restaurants, going to the park, visiting Nate at Target, and generally just hanging out with the girls. It was SO awesome of them to fly all the way up here, and now we are on the full-on countdown until they will LIVE up here.

Then we were lucky enough to get to host the entire Joyce crew. Amy and I were WAY WAY WAY overdue for an in-person visit. I hadn't met the wonderful ms. Winnie yet, and Amy hadn't gotten her hands on the crazy Beezy Lea. It was a little harder to get out the door with four little ones but we managed to make it to a few parks (which Matilda thought she was the boss off), and out for an amazing breakfast at Agra-Culture.

I love how each of the 'big siblings' have their arms around the OTHER little sibling--like oh, I'll be nice to this little baby since it isn't coming home with me....

We made a run to the beer store which ended up with both Matilda and Paddy getting their first 'tattoos' and all of the children naked and rolling around in a giant mud puddle in our front 'yard.' What can I say?

We ventured out to the Food Truck festival as well, but long lines and blasting sun/heat kept our stay short (but not before I indulged in some seriously craveable tater-tots). 

Time moves to fast when you are with your favorite people and both of these weekends proved that. I am so bummed looking back at how few pictures we snapped, but regardless of the photos I have to prove for it, we had a great time. Either of guys can come around again anytime you want!!!

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Nancy E. said...

Oh what fun! Winnie is a beautiful little girl. I see Tillie is sporting several band aids. Mom