Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Good, The Sick and the Ugly

This winter's cold and flu season is bringing me to my knees. No, seriously. If it isn't bending down to wipe up barf of Tillie, it is bending down to heave myself in front of the toilet.

It has been w-e-e-k-s since we have made it it through the week without a new prescription.

Pink Eye.
Ear Infections.
Nystatin for thrush caused by the ear infection medicine.
More ear infections.
Which leads to more pink eye (yes, this is now a trend with Bea which is just suuupper)
And then a few stomach bugs thrown in for good measure.

I know that I am not alone in this misery. Other families have to go through the 'pass it back and forth' drama like we have. And it was all taken in stride.

Until Friday, while I am at home recouping from the stomach bug, I get a call that Bea has a fever. And I am taking her to the doctor, while I am sick, and find out she has an ear infection and Pink Eye. In that moment, I felt totally and utterly defeated.

So we will continue to medicate, (and contribute to our health savings account as it gets drained each year), be grateful for good health insurance, and attempt to keep Matilda's hands out of her mouth (i.e. mission impossible), and Bea from putting everything she can get her hands onto into her mouth (i.e. Mission impossible 2).

Oh, and also, I am saying a silent prayer for our upcoming flight to Colorado as the pediatrician casually mentions to me that it isn't uncommon for babies with fluids in their ears to rupture their ear drums while they are flying.

Grrrreat. Because you just know that is definitely going to be happening to us.


Nancy E. said...

Fingers & toes crossed that our trip to Denver is uneventful, on-time, no illness and no ruptured ear drums. Sure hope Mamoka makes the trip :) Mom

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bea and I should drive....Road Trip.....


Anonymous said...

uff da. very not good.I suppose there are not kiddie kennels are there??....typed the uncle who has no kids....
Uncle Todd