Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tillie Talks

Oh, the hilarious things that come out of a two-year old's mouth. She is really starting to talk and my favorite starting to tell stories. Like if you ask her "what did you do today?"...she will legit answer us.

And she gets a super serious look on her face like she is concentrating so hard, and most of the times that involves bringing her hands up close to her face with both of her pointer fingers out. Because apparently that helps her concentrate more. :)

Anyway, with this new-found ability to answer questions we have been having lots of fun with it. Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the last few weeks...

Us: "Matilda, what do you want to plant in our new garden?"
Tillie: (without skipping a beat). Watermelon.
Us: "Anything else?"
Tillie: "Pizza"
Us: Is that it?
Tillie: Broccoli!

Hey...at least the girl has her priorities straight, and technically I think all of the food groups are represented.
_____    __   _____

If she sees us doing ANYTHING that she wants to do, she immediately yells: "That's my job!!".

____ ___ _____ ____

(overheard while Matilda and Nate were playing)
Tillie: I have your keys dada
Dada: oh, why do you have my keys 
Tillie: because I'm going to work
Dada: where are you going to work?
Tillie: the zoo, to watch owls
Dada: oh, are they going to pay you to so that?
Tillie: yes
Dada: great how much money are they going to pay you?
Tillie: two
Dada:  what are you going to buy with your money?
Tillie: ice cream

______   ___   ____________

If you want to know what word or phrase you say too often, just listen to your two-year-old. We quickly learned what we say all of the time when Matilda coughs as she coughed the other day and after she was done said: Uff-da!

She also said "Uff-da!" as she was trying to carry a milk jug of water in to the living room to help Nate water the tree.

_____________   _______   ________
The other day I was letting her go through (a.k.a. destroy) my wallet as it is an activity that keeps her nice and occupied for long enough to get myself and the babe ready. As she pulls out cards, and stamps, she discovered the zipper pocket. Much to my surprise, she figured out how to get it open and found my bills. And as she pulled them out she yelled: "I takin' your money,Mama!"

Yup, you are. And I am guessing this is just the beginning....

______________  ____________  __________

The other night after a nice round of foot rubs (seriously, what two year old is obsessed with giving foot rubs...?!?), Matilda decided to also do backrubs. So she started rubbing my back. Nate walked in and asked her "Are you giving Mama a back rub?" To which Tillie replied...."I rubbing your mole".

I didn't even know she knew what a mole was....

_______  _____________    _____________

She is also going to be a serious tattle tale.

Every night as we are eating dinner and we ask her what she did at school, inevitably it starts with "evan pushed me", "someone bit me", "fall down, cry, ice pack..." so on and so forth.

I can only assume the stories get longer, more elaborate and hilarious as she gets older!


Anonymous said...

The word Uff da is being spread in northern Illinois as much as possible...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Tillie will be able to spin a fishing tale or two next year at the Corner Of Knowledge!!!!!


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